Saturday, December 29, 2007


With Miss Universe 2008 several months away, delegates to this prestigious pageant are being selected via national pageants around the globe. I dug this video up of the amazing Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela, during the swimsuit competition. All I can say is WOW. She has an amazing body, fantastic cat walk, and a drop dead gorgeous face. So far, she looks like the one to beat for the upcoming title.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Miss South Carolina

Another funny spoof video of Miss Teen South Carolina. "Give me a crown already!!!"

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Re: Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question

One of the funnier impersonations of Miss Teen South Carolina I came across on youtube.

Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 Geography Pop Quiz

See if you can ace Miss Teen South Carolina's geography quiz.

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina on Today show

Caitlin Upton on the Today Show explaining away her gaffe on national television.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question

This clip is from last night's Miss Teen USA pageant. South Carolina was my favorite from the get go but she absolutely bombed this final question. This is perhaps among the most disastrous final answers I have witnessed. Tis a shame!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rewind to Miss universe 2006 Crowning

The more I see Kurara Chibana, the more I realize how she would've made an amazing Miss Universe. She embodies beauty, intelligence, and a thirst for life. This is the year that the judges of Miss Universe got it all wrong. I love Riyo but Kurara is outright captivating to me.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori

Here is Riyo Mori on a photoshoot with Fadil Berisha

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith Interview on MSNBC

Rachel Smith talks about her experience competing for USA in Mexico City. She talks of her resolve to not give up after falling down in the evening gown competition.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Miss Korea, Honey Lee

Here is Honey Lee returning to Korea after proudly representing her country in Miss Universe 2007. She is even more heavenly and beautiful than I could have imagined. It is a shame the judges didn't get to see the real Honey Lee after she was asked an off the wall question in the finals. Her answer was also apparently bungled up by the interpreter. Tis a shame as she would've made an amazing Miss Universe.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori in Regis and Kelly Show Part2

Riyo talks about her desire to open up her own international dancing school and her new role as a spokesperson for HIV/AIDS awareness during her reign. She also talks about Donald Trump referring to her as "baby". I am sure Riyo's small town upbringing will not be tainted as it was for last years Miss Usa, Tara Conner.

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori on Regis and Kelly Show Part1

Here is the newly crowned Miss Universe on the Regis and Kelly Show. I was struck by the fact that this is Riyo's first pageant!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Swimsuit Competition: MISS UNIVERSE 2007

Miss Universe 2007 Top 15

I must say I am pretty proud of myself for choosing 10 out of 15 semifinalists out of a field of over 75, Plus 2 of my alternates made it as well. Not bad... a definite improvement over my last years picks.

Miss Universe 2007 - USA's Rachel Smith Booed by Mexicans

Un momento, por favor!

Miss Universe 2007 - USA's Rachel Smith Booed by Mexicans

After still reeling from her fall, Miss USA's night of horror continues as she is booed by the Mexican crowd (see clip above). Even after falling, USA made the top 5 while Mexico failed to advance. Apparently, the mexican crowd wasn't pleased. I give props to Vanessa Minnillo for trying to contain the rowdy crowd, "Un momento, por favor!"

Miss Universe 2007 - Miss USA falls down

Poor Miss USA had a horrible night for sure. This clip shows her falling flat on her bottom and HARD. I give her kudos for getting right back on her feet though and smiling through the pain.

Miss Universe 20007 Winner Announcement - Miss Japan

Relive the moment or see it now if you missed it:)

Japan could've payed off handsomely if you would've had the foresight to choose her as Miss Universe:

"A $100 bet on Miss Japan to win Miss Universe 2007 would have resulted in a $2200 win! A $200 bet would have paid out $4400 and so on."

Check it out:

Japan takes the crown!

Congratulations to Japan Miss Universe 2007! Japan looks shocked and I don't think the reality of it has hit Brazil yet at this moment in this pic. I knew it took me awhile to process it myself. To think back to last year when Japan so should've won, I didn't think it possible Japan would top Brazil. I'm pleasantly surprised with the result but Brazil was indeed stunning tonight. I will try to post some of my thoughts and comments regarding this years competition really soon (and what a competition of twists and turns it was!).

Monday, May 28, 2007

My predictions for the top 15 semifinalists of Miss Universe 2007(in no particular order)

VENEZUELA - Ly Jonaitis
Venezuela returns to the top 15 this year with avengeance!

USA - Rachel Smith
The runaway winner at this years Miss USA in LA; charismatic, intelligent, with a million dollar smile!

ITALY - Valentina Massi
Best body in the swimsuit competition. Her amazing performance in the preliminaries earns her a spot in my top 15.
INDIA - Puja Gupta
Should make top 15 this year considering last year's delegate made it to the semifinals and this year India is even stronger.
JAPAN - Riyo Mori
No comparison to last year's Kurara Chibana (whom I am still sore at losing out to Puerto Rico last year) but definitely top 15 material. Great evening gown in the preliminaries!
KOREA - Honey Lee
A lot of sites around the internet have Honey Lee as the one to beat this year. has her edging out Venezuela by 1/100 of a point. Check out her video interview on the this girl can talk! Could be an interesting showdown!
NICARAGUA - Xiomara Blandino
Perplexed that there is not enough buzz about Nicaragua this year. A pleasant surprise to see a delegate from this Central American country that doesn't make it to the semis very often captivate me. From some of the videos I have seen of Xiomara she appears to be a lot of fun with great energy which came through in the preliminaries. Watch out for this girl to surprise us all tonight.

TANZANIA - Flaviana Matata
An exotic looking African candidate for sure. Her striking independence mirrored by her shaved head allows Flaviana to stand out. And those legs!
BRAZIL - Natalia Guimaraes
One of my favorites from the get go, however my excitment for Brazil as the weeks have passed on has been waning. She is going to need to pull herself together and command a stronger presence in the prelims to advance further.

ANGOLA - Micaela Reis
Having recently made it to the semis in 2004, Angola should repeat again this year. A natural soft beauty, Angola is one of Africa's top two delegates this year. Loved her in that red gown in the preliminaries.
GREECE - Doukissa Nomikou
Ever since Greece placed 1st runner up in 2001 (another year that the judges got it wrong), I have had a watchful eye for the Greek candidate. Greece is a goddess this year indeed and her light flowing airy evening gown in the prelims attests to this.
SERBIA - Teodora Marcic
I love this blonde bomb shell out of Eastern Europe. She just exudes sex appeal to me. Would love to see her make the top 15

MEXICO - Rosa Cuen
Got to have a spot in my top 15 for the home crowd favorite. Though she is no way in the league of last years stunner, Priscila Perales (who so should've been in the top 5 and whose beauty surpasses Zuleyka in my humble opinion), Mexico is worthy of top 15 and no more. I just hope the Mexican audience behaves themselves this time when Mexico doesn't make it to the top 10 or 5.

ESTONIA - Viktoria Azovskaja
Estonia has grown on me over the course of this month. A stunning swimsuit performance with statuesque like beauty. Love her soft sultry voice too! Two years later, Estonia has delivered us yet another Barbi hottie!

BOLIVIA - Jessica Burton
Interesting background considering her dad was a petroleum engineer and she has lived in England, Scotland, and Bolivia. Excellent command of the English language should help Bolivia if she can make it to the top 5 (though I doubt she can advance this far considering the keen competition for these top spots)

16. Thailand- strong Asian contender next to Japan and Korea
17. Guatemala- another Central American surprise
18. Slovenia- pretty but no Estonia or Serbia
19. Colombia- not terribly impressed with her interview keeps her out of top 15
20. Denmark- loved her evening gown in prelims